We finally reached the end of negotiations with the German company Kurtz GmbH for the supply of foundry machine AL 13-13 SC for low pressure aluminium casting

Nearing completion of the foundation for the new “thermal” shop. In April, we will start to build brick walls.

Began negotiations with the Russian office of Schuler AG to supply crank press Beutler-Nova C630 (Switzerland).

Commissioned a new welding post for wire-welding of frames for railway heavy-duty lifts UDS-160 and UDP-160 for lifting wagons and locomotives.

Negotiations are underway with the Russian office of the Japanese company Yamazaki Mazak Corp. for the supply of two lathes Mazak Quick Turn Smart 250M and Mazak Quick Turn 6T.

The factory received new Gasparini’s Guillotine shears CO 3020 and X-cut 3010

For the central chemical laboratory purchased optical emission spectrometer Belec Vario Lab (Germany). Powerful and accurate spectrometer will be installed in the new chemical laboratory for analyze of the chemical composition of metals and alloys for the foundry needs.

Signed a major contract for the supply of Russian stationary lifting column jacks UDS-160 for Azerbaijani railways. Until the end of 2014, Kubanzheldormash will supply 52 sets.

Kubanzheldormash Company received 3 new ovens and motorized bathrooms “made in Germany” by Nabertherm GmbH.

Completed the first phase of reconstruction Stockyard foundry. Were bricked up all the openings, all of the old windows were replaced by new PVC windows