Cambridge roller «Samba»

When choosing agricultural equipment for your farm, it is important not to forget that during sowing and harvesting works, a serious level of load significantly speeds up the process of its wear. Agricultural machinery manufactured at the plant and used for various purposes is being tested in farms on several thousand hectares, proving its durability in practice. The Cambridge roller «Samba» - a reliable tow tool used for pre-sowing and post-sowing rolling on heavy and light soils, was no exception. Traction class of tractors required for aggregation is from 1.4 to 3.0. 

Thanks to the work of the Cambridge roller occurs:

  • braking, crushing of soil cap;
  • loosening the surface up to 4 cm;
  • soil compaction up to 10 cm;
  • crushing of large clumps;
  • compaction of non-settled soil;
  • the damage to the seeds of the bird is reduced;
  • leveling of arable land;
  • after rolling in spring, possible losses due to freezing are reduced;
  • the soil warms up more;
  • there is an increase in yield;
  • more favorable conditions are created for the operation of the sowing technology.

производство зубчато кольчатый каток «Самба» общий вид

Pre-sowing use of the Cambridge roller «Samba» on previously precultivated or plowed soil improves the warming of arable land and slows down the evaporation of moisture, creates the best conditions for the support wheels of the planter, since a uniform, aligned background minimizes their slippage and improves uniformity and increases the seeding depth. After treatment with a roller, the structure of the top layer of soil improves, aeration and moisture absorption increase. The post-sowing use of press wheels «Samba» ensures tight contact of the seeds with the fertile layer, water content in the seed bed area increases, positively affecting the timing of seed germination and uniformity of germination. Tillage roller eliminates adverse natural processes, increasing the yield of crops, especially in dry areas with rare precipitation, and the presence of wind erosion. The roller breaks the crust formed after drying on the surface of the soil, which prevents the germination of seeds and the penetration of moisture. 

Cambridge roller «Samba» work in the field

  Advantages of Cambridge roller «Samba»

  • excellent rolling;
  • safety and reliability in use;
  • long-term operation and manufacturer's warranty;
  • easily transformed from the transport state to the working position and back;
  • control of the transforming system is located in the tractor cabin;
  • possibility of transportation on public roads;
  • long-term, environmentally correct use of the soil is ensured;
  • sticking of wet soil does not occur due to the radial clearance of the toothed rings in the clamped state, free rotation and radial movement on the hubs of the disks;
  • due to the original configuration of rollers with a large diameter of 530 mm, bulldozer resistance is minimized (compared to rollers of smaller diameter), rolling is facilitated and the load on the tractor is reduced.

Cambridge rollers «Samba» because of their qualities are popular in Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region, Saratov, etc. Free delivery is possible, in addition to the suburbs of Armavir, to the cities of Stavropol, Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, such as Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Kropotkin, Maykop, the price of delivery for other cities depends on the workload of the factory transport, delivery terms of transport companies.

Cambridge rollers «Samba»

Technical information

Cambridge rollers «Samba» are manufactured in two versions: with a width of 9 and 6 m. The working bodies are made of canted and toothed rings assembled on the axis. The nine-meter roller is made at the factory of five sections, which are held on the frame by means of a swivel, the six-meter rink consists of three sections. Each unit with working bodies mounted on two bearings. Due to this structure, the roller is quickly transferred to the transport position, in which the frame of the folded unit is fixed with the help of biases. The Cambridge roller is attached to the tractor through a drawbar, and to its hydraulic system by means of high-pressure hoses. Preparation of the roller to work and transfer to the transport position using a hydraulic cylinder. Roller wheels rotating on tapered roller bearings serve to transport it.




Samba 9

Samba 6

Effective width, m



Transport width, m



Transport length, m



Ground clearance, mm


Disc diameter, mm


Speed when working in the field, km/h

Up to 10

Transportation speed, km/h


Recommended power, hp

130 – 150


Productivity, ha/h



Number of sections, pcs



Working width, m



Width of working sections, mm

1900-2 pcs

2200-2 pcs

2300-1 pcs

2300-1 pcs

2200-2 pcs


Soil compaction, g/cm2

up to 1,2

Soil pulverization, %


Clumps of soil, cm


Weight, kg




Features of operation

The required pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor up to 16 MPa (160 atmospheres) 

In order to avoid breakdowns, it is prohibited to reverse the tractor with the roller lowered. It is forbidden to repair or adjust the units during the operation of the press wheel, maintenance is allowed to be performed only with the tractor engine shut off. It is allowed to perform any work under the sections of the skating rink in the transport position only with the hinge blocking.

Optimal working conditions:

  • soil moisture - from 14 % to 23 %;
  • the height of the ridges of the soil - should not exceed 85 mm;
  • no accumulation of crop residues on the field;
  • when the wheel of the roller is parked, it is necessary to fix it with wheel chocks.