Sheet metal shears

    JSC “Kubanzheldormash” is a leading Russian designer and manufacturer of mechanical guillotine shears. Our basic model – HGM-6.3 is used for cutting metal sheets, angle and rod steel.

    Electromechanical shearing machine NGM-6.3 is the best cost-effective solution for small firms dealing with production of metal structures both standard and custom-shaped, including various fasteners and advertising structures for interior and outdoor use.

    Application area of shears for sheet metal working is so wide that they can be found worldwide at any mechanical facilities, instrument engineering plants, furniture factories, research and production centers.

Mechanical shears NGM-6.3 design

    Mechanical crank guillotine NGM-6.3 is a metal-working machine for accurate cutting of profile and sheet metal. NGM-6,3 guillotine is able to cut sheet steel up to 6.3 mm thickness, 2000 mm width, conforms to technical requirements for cutting metal of random length. Crank shears NGM-6.3 are well-known among the specialists of blanking operations for their reliability and ease of use. NGM-6.3 is able to cut angle steel with maximum size 63*63*6 mm and bar steel with maximum diameter 30 mm.

    NGM-6.3 features a heavy fabricated body with foot control. An 11 kilowatt electric motor ensures stable work of crank gear. Cutting is made either by back stops or to the marking-out.

    Required blade gap is adjusted manually and depends on the force needed for the specific technological cutting chart.

    This metal shearing machine comes complete with the side stop which enables either perpendicular placement of the blank relatively to the cutting line or angle-wise (option).

Crank shears NGM-6.3 for metalwork

    JSC “Kubanzheldormash” offers now one basic model of electromechanical crank-type guillotine NGM-6,3 for metalwork. This model embraces decades of design improvement, allowing us to produce industrial metal shears at the best price in the market.

Technical data of mechanical metal shears NGM-6.3

Maximum width of the sheet being cut with ultimate stress not over 500 MPa 6,3 mm
Width of the sheet being cut, not over 2000 mm
Dimensions of angle steel being cut, not over 56х56х5 mm
Diameter of rod steel being cut, not over 30 mm
Cutting stroke of the blade 92 mm
Clamping force 18 kN
Length of the sheet cut by back stop, not over 500 mm
Motor power, not over 11 kW
Angle of cut by side stop 900, 450
Working mode One-step mode, automatic mode
Control By hand, by foot
Overall dimensions, not over  
Length 3050 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 1565 mm
Weight, not over 3550 kg
  • Standard complete set of NGM-6,3 guillotine shears consists of heavy-duty steel welded framework for maximum stability, table, set of blades and back stop.
  • Blue color of the guillotine is standard but any other RAL color is also possible.

    Do you want to buy industrial mechanical shears for metal at a low price? Buy directly from the Manufacturer!

    JSC “Kubanzheldormash” is a reliable and stable enterprise which produces high-quality guillotine shearing equipment for cutting sheet metal up to 6.3 mm thick.

    Many years of work has allowed us to gain vast experience in producing electromechanical shearing machines, so we are glad to invite our customers to our plant to show production process from entry material inspection to pre-delivery tests. We can offer you new efficient crank shears at the very affordable price, because we are the real producer! Our price for guillotine shears is negotiable, when ordering two and more shears you will be offered nice discounts.

    Buy professional mechanical shears for metal NGM-6,3 from JSC “Kubanzheldormash”! Our production is well-known not only for high-quality and reliability but also for long service life.

Armavir plant of JSC “Kubanzheldormash” is known for :

  • Powerful industrial base from the steel and iron foundry to the heat treatment and electrochemical facing facilities;
  • Full-range warranty and after-warranty services;
  • Prompt delivery of quick-wearing parts, blades, blade segments;
  • The best prices from the real producer;
  • Wide choice of options which facilitate easier work and longer service life of mechanical shears NGM-6.3;
  • Owned automotive transportation department;
  • Shipment by all means of transportation: by air; by sea; on-land, multimodal freight;
  • Highly-qualified personnel, ready to execute full range of installation and setup services, as well as shears operators training;
  • Leasing and credit services for financing new equipment purchases on favorable terms!