Electric tamping unit

    Efficient and powerful manual tamping units SVE-2 are designed for tamping ballast or gravel under the sleepers. Electric tampers for railway track are used in the process of all kinds of repairs and track maintenance. Currently manual tamping units manufactured by Kubanzheldormash are an absolute railway market leader on Russian railways (also all former USSR countries) thanks to light weight, ergonomic design and reliability of the electric vibrator. Twenty years of tamping unit evolution have not only minimized the weight of the product, but also achieved lowest possible vibration at the handles in operating mode. Due to that fact and low price, our powerful track tamping units are the most popular and favorite among railway workers worldwide.

   Electric track tamping set SVE-2 is a high performance device for tamping and compacting all kinds of gravel under assembled rails and sleepers. One tamping set consists of 4 manual electric tampers and one benzin/diesel generator for equipping service team of four persons. If you need perfectly compacted ballast, you really must obtain SVE-2 electric tamping units.

Electric tamping units for track produced by Kubanzheldormash are characterized by:

  • lightweight and ergonomic structure;
  • the highest efficiency factor in transferring oscillation energy from vibrator to ballast;
  • triple shock absorption system;
  • precision, reliable vibrator with superior technical characteristics;
  • 20 years of successful work on railways of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Brazil, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, India, Cuba etc;
  • Tamping pick (effector) is made of wear-proof and high-tensile steel, increasing durability threefold compared to third-party units;
  • The best lowest prices from the manufacturer.

Electric tamping unit application

   Manual electric tamping units are used when it is technologically possible or economically feasible to perform local small amounts of track maintenance by railway men brigades without large track machines. Using portable SVE-2 electric tamping units is also advantageous when small sites of repair in the course of current track maintenance are dispersed at different distances from each other. In all these cases, stand-alone SVE-2 electric tamping units are the most efficient small machinery tools for track maintenance. 

Operating principles of electric track tamper

   Electric drive of portable tamping unit is equipped with non-directional unbalanced mass vibration generator. Track tamper operation is based on the fact that vibrational motion is transmitted from the vibrator to the tip which compacts ballast under the sleepers. Perturbing force required to create oscillating motions emerges as a result of rotation of the engine rotor shaft.

Technical specification of SVE-2 electric tamping unit

  • Unbalance exciting force, kN (kgf) 2.6 (260);
  • Type of current – three-phase, alternating (different types available);
  • Rated consumed power, kW 0.4;
  • Rated voltage, V 220 (other voltage available);
  • Rated frequency, AC, 50 Hz (other frequency available);
  • Rated current 1.3 A;
  • Nominal operating mode S3, %70;
  • Shaft speed, s-1 (min -1) 47 (2800);
  • Weight: 21 kg;
  • Overall dimensions: 1250x200x595 mm.

High-performance manual track tampers for accurate and fast local tamping of all kinds of sleepers with ballast or gravel

   Electric tamping units for rail track are truly important part of everyday railway construction and repairing works. We produce the whole range of small machinery tools for track maintenance.

   Price on manual tamping units depends mainly on the amount of delivery. Our company is the basic Russian manufacturer of electric tamping units for track facilities, so our prices for manual track tampers are the best ones.

   To purchase or order railway tamping units, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone: +7 (86137) 5-45-96 or send an official request via e-mail: info@zheldormash.com