Hydraulic track jacks

    Track jacks of DPG type are intended for safe and easy lifting of track by one operator during track maintenance and repair.

    JSC “Kubanzheldormash” is a worldwide known producer of hydraulic track jacks with decades of experience in producing small machinery for railway industry. This allows us to produce track jacks with the best price-quality ratio in the market.

Main features of hydraulic track jacks from the leading Russian manufacturer:

  • robust and light-weight design;
  • easy and exact lifting of track;
  • exceptional durability;
  • easy handling, detachable hand lever;
  • fast and safe return stroke after discharging pressure;
  • time-proven quality;
  • best price in the market;
  • reliable integrated hand pump;
  • prompt delivery of spare parts.

    Our product slate for hydraulic track jacks ensures wide choice of models with different loading capacity and working stroke for solving different tasks.

    Technical specifications of hydraulic track jacks DPG-10, DPG-10/200, DPG-12, DPG-18, DPG-20/175

  DPG10 DPG10/200 DPG12 DPG18 DPG20/175
Rated lifting capacity, kN (t) 
- along hydraulic cylinder axis
- on lifting toe
98,1 (10)
78,4 (8)
117,7 (12)
98,1 (10)
176,6 (18)
147,1 (15)
215,8 (22)
196,2 (20)
Working stroke of hydraulic cylinder, mm 100 200 200 150 175
Maximum handle effort, N (kg) 147 (15)
Weight, kg 21 26 26 27 30
Overall dimensions, (Length*Width*Height) 380*190*245 380*190*345 340*170*670 380*190*288 400*170*687 

    All main parts and units of our track jacks are shaped on multipurpose CNC production centers MAZAK (Japan), while pump elements are ground on Studer (Switzerland) super-precision grinding machines. Oil tanks are cast from aluminum on Kurtz (Germany) molding machines. The highest quality of Kubanzheldormash track jacks is known worldwide, our jacks are widely used on railways of Europe and Asia, America and Africa.

    Assured security, robust and ergonomic light-weight design, reliable hydraulic system, state-of-the-art packoffs have made track jacks DPG for track maintenance the best solution in their class. Optimum weight makes DPG track jacks easy to use and carry by one operator.

1 – base ; 2- hydraulic cylinder; 3 - return spring ; 4 - hydraulic drive; 5 - oil tank; 6 - breather;  7 - handle; 8 - bypass valve; 9 - safety valve

    Do you want to buy robust high-quality track jacks at a reasonable price? Our plant is ready to fulfill prompt delivery at any time and place; all you have to do is to contact the Marketing Department of the plant by phone: +7 (86137) 5-45-96, or send a request via e-mail: info@zheldormash.com