Portable impact wrench GUP – 100

Portable impact wrench GUP — 100 is designed for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts as well as screws of rail fasteners during maintenance and reconstruction of the permanent way. The wrench is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine of the company «Honda» type GX25.

Design features of wrench GUP-100

The wrench is completely self-contained and does not require any additional energy sources. Having two rotational speeds in its construction as well as reverse and hammering system, the wrench has broad operational capabilities. Thought it is ultralight, it creates great moments of tightening through the use of a powerful engine. It is easy to carry by one person and comfortable for trackmen due to the low weight

Technical specifications:

Parameter Meaning
Impact energy, Joule 63
Max.driving torque on driving tool, Nm 1000
Percussion frequency per second, not less 1
Drive type Honda GX25
Rated power kWt  0,72
Number of revolutions of the driveshaft, rev/min  7000
Fuel consumption, liters per hour 0,54
Overall dimensions, mm, not over:  
- length  505
- width 365
- height  710

Standart equipement set of GUP-100

ICE Honda GX 25 Operating manual 1  
Impact socket К2136 Gedore 1 36 mm
Impact socket К2141 Gedore 1 41 mm
Locating pin КВ2175 Gedore 1  
Retaining ring КВ2170 Gedore 1  

Mean time to failure of the impact wrench GUP-100 is not less than 40 hours with a service life at least 3 years.

Universal power wrench GUP-100 by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»

Universal power wrench is an important part of the large assortment of track machinery which is used during construction, repair and maintenance of railroad. Our company produces the full range of power and bench tools. The price of the wrench GUP-100 depends on the volume of the order, type of engine and needed options. Our company is a leading Russian producer of power wrenches for tightening and loosening sleeper screws and nuts. We can offer our customers the best price for track wrenches.

To order Portable impact wrench GUP — 100, please contact Sales Department on phone: +7 (86137) 5-45-96 or send an official request by email: info@zheldormash.com