Portable Self-Contained Ballast Vibration Tamping Machine model SHPVD

The Portable Self-Contained Ballast Vibration Tamping Machine model SHPVD is designed to perform occasional ballast tamping under all type of railway sleepers (wooden, concrete or steel)

The mechanized track instrument plays a large role in the mechanization of both repair work and current maintenance work on railway tracks. With the emergence of new high-performance multi-operational track machines, fully mechanizing repair work on railway tracks, the scope of portable tools will gradually decrease. However, such complexes require stopping the movement of trains and have high operating costs, so their use is impractical with the current maintenance of the track, for example, when replacing individual sleepers or locally aligning the track.

  To carry out such works, a power tool is widely used - tamper, rail drill, rail grinder, wrenches, saws, and so on. From the point of view of convenience, with a small local repair of the railway track, the first place is occupied by the instrument group, which is operated under autonomous power conditions.

Tamping units for track produced by Kubanzheldormash are characterized by:

  • The weight of the tamper is reduced as much as possible, while it is easily immersed in the ballast by means of its own weight, without effort on the part of the operator. This is achieved by a balanced design with proper weight distribution.
  • the highest efficiency factor in transferring oscillation energy from vibrator to ballast;
  • precision, reliable vibrator with superior technical characteristics;
  • 20 years of successful work on railways of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Brazil, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, India, Cuba etc;
  • Tamping pick (effector) is made of wear-proof and high-tensile steel, increasing durability threefold compared to third-party units;
  • Easy access to the air filter when replacing it;
  • The best lowest prices from the manufacturer.

SHVPD Handheld Tamper by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»


Tamping Machine model SHPVD








Type of engine

Honda GX35


Engine power, kW, not less



The frequency of vibration on the working body, Hz, not less



Sound level, dB, not more



Tank capacity, l, not less



Overall dimensions, mm



Weight, kg



Minimum standard operating time (before overhaul), operating hours



Service life, years, not less


Since 1933, the company Kubanzheldormash constantly makes efforts to develop projects and improve their products to ensure the best quality and reliability, which are so necessary in the field of railway transport.

This portable tamping machine, completely from development to dispatch from a warehouse, is made in Russia and is the object of careful and constant monitoring of services. The wrench was assembled by highly qualified specialists, tested and debugged at all stages of production.

We are absolutely convinced that you will be satisfied with the work of this wrench and will be available for additional information on its use and maintenance.

To order Portable Tamping Machine model SHPVD, please contact Sales Department on phone: 
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