Compact rail drilling machine RSS-K

The rail boring machine RSS-K manufactured by «Kubanzheldormash» JSC will perform any tasks related to the construction, repair and maintenance of the railway track. Rail Drilling Machine - will provide fast and accurate drilling of holes for electric traction connectors, chokes, couplers, bolts in rails R-50 and R-65 of various types of hardening. Our stand-alone machine works in all weather conditions in the most remote areas of the world without using additional power sources.

Rail drilling machine for track produced by «Kubanzheldormash» are characterized by:

  • Designed for fast and accurate drilling all types of flat bottom or grooved rails, whatever their hardness
  • Drilling time decrease
  • Excellent surface finish
  • No necessary resharpening
  • Lifetime increase with more than 100 holes per set of carbide tips (4 faces)
  • Manual advance system through capstan arm, pressurized lubricating and cooling system through the spindle
  • The universal vice (multi holes position for all kind of flat bottom or grooved rails) with fast lever catch and the interchangeable rail forms ensure accurate fixing and sturdy clamping

Specifications of RSS-K



Maximum diameter of a mill (drill), mm


Nominal spindle speed, rpm - at idle


Nominal spindle speed, rpm - at normal full load


Drilling time, s, not more


Tool holder type

Weldon (19,05 мм)

Overall dimensions of the machine without tank, mm, no more

- Length Width Height

490 480 490

Weight (without oil), kg, not more


Type of engine

Honda GXV57

Maximum power at 4800 rpm, kW


Mean time to failure, h, not less


Service life, years, not less


Sound power level, dBA, not more


RSS-K Rail Drilling machine by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»

Since 1933, the company «Kubanzheldormash» constantly makes efforts to develop projects and improve their products to ensure the best quality and reliability, which are so necessary in the field of railway transport.

This portable tamping machine, completely from development to dispatch from a warehouse, is made in Russia and is the object of careful and constant monitoring of services. The wrench was assembled by highly qualified specialists, tested and debugged at all stages of production.

We are absolutely convinced that you will be satisfied with the work of this wrench and will be available for additional information on its use and maintenance.

To order Rail Drilling Machine RSS-K, please contact Sales Department on phone: +7 (86137) 5-45-96 or send an official request by email: